Napster never ceases to amaze

Napster never ceases to amaze me. After hearing about the Bif Naked cover of the Twisted Sister classic described here, I fired up napster and about a minute later, I had the file and was listening to it. Then I went on a cover song rampage. I ended up also getting Incubus doing TLC's "No Scrubs," House of Pain's "Jump Around," and New Order's "Blue Monday." Then I found that Orgy did "Blue Monday" too, then I spotted Frente doing New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle," REM doing "California Dreaming," Ween doing Van Halen's "Hot for Teacher," and Goldfinger doing Duran Duran's "Rio." And since I limited all my searches to cable modems and above (under the advanced search options), I had everything in just a couple of minutes.

I hope Napster makes it through all their legal battles, they've got an amazing service that I'd be happy to pay for.