My first off roading YouTube video

During my last trip to Moab, I tried out some trails northwest of the main Arches National Park entrance. For six months of the year, the main Arches entrance has a very long line set aside only for people that already grabbed a 1-hour reservation spot to enter, and they're not easy to get. Last year it took me many tries to score an open spot, then it took over an hour to get through the lines.

However, if you have an unlimited National parks pass (I got mine at REI) and a 4x4 off road vehicle, you can take Willow Springs Road and its associated trail to get into Arches National Park via the "back" entrance. There are several things along the trail worth visiting, and when you're done you'll be back on pavement, about 15 miles deep into Arches, where you can visit all the famous arches and rock formations on the drive out at the main entrance.

I did this trail last week, shot a few video clips, then did some narration to explain it all. Then I grabbed the Mr. Beast font and made a silly thumbnail much in the style of YouTube tropes. Enjoy.