My "24 hours in the

My "24 hours in the life of me" shots are up now at the behind the curtain project (this is my favorite one).

After going through many of them, I noticed a few worth mentioning. My favorite is Lawrence from Caught In Between's shots, mostly for the related thumbnails above each shot. I want to live in Jish's apartment. Eric's hidden DHTML popups are much too cool. Brad's photos are great, and now I finally realized why Missouri is called the "Show Me State."

This weekend was great. Fray Day was fun, thanks to Ben, I got the webcam up and running all night. It was great to see everyone again, meet new people, and hear great stories. It was an amazing treat to meet Tom Cosgrave, who came to SF straight from Dublin. The remainder of the weekend was spent going from one party to another, it was almost like a mini-SXSW.