More on remote work

If you caught my earlier post about working remotely, I would highly recommend checking out Scott Hanselman's own post about remote work tips which has loads more good advice.

He does a great job breaking down a good/better/best approach for video meeting hardware, with the relative costs of each option. My advice on webcams was firmly in the "better" area of his advice, and I must say I purchased the ring light he mentions in his post and it's working pretty well for me.

For reference, here's what my current setup looks like with a ring light and a SAD light going in a meeting.

And here's what I look like today using those lights during a meeting.

I'm using the Logitech Brio's auto-smoothing which kinda makes you blurry to hide wrinkles (lol) but good lighting and a good HD camera really help make video meetings pop. I don't know if I'm ever going down the route Scott suggests of using a dedicated digital camera as a webcam, since I think this is good enough and pretty simple to wire all up.