Microsoft being in charge

Microsoft being in charge of a national ID system via Passport is scary to the point of appearing comical, as if it's a big joke. I've avoided creating a passport account until now, and I sincerely hope I'm not forced into it by the government. Could you imagine the ease at which future identity theft will take place? This week Microsoft released a patch for their simple web server, which fixed ten exploits that were discovered in the past couple weeks. You'll probably just have to download a small .exe from a hacker/cracker site to assume someone else's identity if this goes through.

By the way, what problem does a national ID card solve again? I've never heard a satisfactory answer to that one. Is the ultimate goal that anyone without a card is a terrorist? How about a national "dye your head red" campaign. Anyone without a redhead is shot on sight. Seems logical and foolproof as a national ID card.