Measuremap goes to Google

(the signing, originally uploaded by MaggieMason)

I'm happy to see Google did indeed buy Adaptive Path's Measuremap. I joked about the rumor earlier, but it's actually a great time to acquire an app.

I've been using Measuremap since last summer and I could tell from early on the service was going to be hardware intensive. They built a robust statistics package that let you deeply mine your data but they also had all that data to deal with. I know people that devote a separate box to analyzing their log files from a single site, so it was hard to imagine how Measuremap was going to deal with every hit to every blog and offer all kinds of analysis on the data for every user. Google's great at massive hardware-intensive projects, so they'll be a good new parent.

When it comes to their applications, Google could also use some design help and they couldn't get a better deal than taking on Jeff Veen. It'd be great to see Google Analytics stuff get a fancy AJAX facelift from Measuremap, or have Google Analytics and Measuremap combine into some sort of hybrid super stats package. My hope is that hey work Veen like a mule, and he revamps the Google Adsense system, the search engine output, Google News, and makes Google Video look cool. Hey, I can dream can't I?

But a big hearty congrats to AP, Measuremap will be great when everyone can use it.

I just found this in my saved iChats, from the first day I got to try out Measuremap: