Matrix moves

I saw the Matrix Reloaded yesterday and my first impression was to agree wholeheartedly with this review that criticizes the plot and scenes from the point of view of an avid moviegoer. But more thorough searching revealed a pretty good positive review that judges the film on religious merits and it references everything from ancient christianity to buddism. I'll have to wait until I've seen the third one to tell if the second was any good.

Oh yeah, if you haven't seen it, stay through the credits, even though they are seemingly the longest ever, including each and every driver and caterer that was used in the making of the film -- basically it was ten minutes of this. Friends told me there was a trailer to the third film at the end (which there was, and it was a good short look at it), but apparently that hasn't gotten out as the packed house vacated less the 7 or 8 of us that stayed (preview stills from my phone: 1, 2, 3, 4).

update: Whoa, even in a fantasy world of sci-fi, featuring the most racially diverse cast I've seen in ages, you can be accused of stereotyping. While there have been cases where albino actors have been portrayed in a negative light, the guys in the matrix are clearly from a world of fantasy with no real-world equivalents (the studio claims they are vampires, but that's a stretch). I wonder if there's a Goatee Anti-Defamation Leauge, since pretty much every evil villian sports the cliche facial hair. Also, here's the trailer for Matrix Revolutions in case you missed it.