Marketers gone wild

I haven't been in a doctors office in about five years, and I was surprised by what I saw today in my local medical office. I don't remember the exact names of the drugs (ha! take that marketers!), but as I began filling out paperwork, I noticed my pen was provided by some drug company. All the pens seemed to be advertising different drugs. "I'll take the pen that contains less than 2mg of Hydrobaric Cyclohexinal" I said. My clipboard was provided by another drug. When I turned in the paperwork at the front desk, that's when I noticed the Kleenex box was advertising yet another drug.

I'm not usually one for nostalgia, but bring back the days when the most obnoxious advertising in an office was copies of People and Highlights strewn throughout. When you can't sneeze without an ad in your face, something's wrong.