Mark, Mark, would

Mark, Mark, would take weeks for me to even begin to explain The Carl to you. If I were to describe the allure and the history behind The Carl, I'd run out of diskspace at my web host. Here's a Carl worship page you can read to get you started on reviewing the mystique of The Carl. Oh, then you gotta rent Home Page, so you'll know what "searching for BoBo" is all about. The Carl is so much more than his matter-of-factly designed web page. The man helped start Suck! (among many, many other things)

If I ever get to met The Carl, I have no idea what I'll actually say. What is there to say to The Carl? I suppose I'll just stare at him in absolute awe, as if I'm some devoted follower that sees his likeness emblazoned on tortillas from time to time...

(actually to clear up any confusion, my tongue is firmly in cheek when describing other webloggers and the "The" folks, sarcasm doesn't always come through in text. Carl, Lance, Jeff, and Steve are all extremely intelligent, witty individuals whom I've admired for some time, and if you've never heard of them, you should check them out. They've been around and helped shape the best parts of the web. The same can be said for everyone on Mark's list...well except for me, because that would be weird, wouldn't it?)