Like the Oscars of central Texas web awards

I was delighted and surprised to see my ten years site show up in the list of SXSW web awards finalists, in the personal category. The personal category covers personal and portfolio sites, and since the site is so personal (it is, afterall a shot from my vantage point each and every day) I figured it belonged there more than the weblog category.

After looking at the other entries in the personal category, I was struck by two things. One, they're quite beautiful to look at,  JennysRealm is like classic High Five top-notch design work. The other thing that stood out is every other site is a portfolio built in Flash. Lots of Flash.

I have no idea what my chances are given that my site is so different from the rest, but I guess if there's ever a peoples' choice know that a vote for me is a vote for cutting-edge web standards and a vote against the tyranny of flash-powered splash pages. If I worked for Miramax, I'd probably send diamond-studded rolex watches that said "This Year, Skip Intro to Ten Years" to all the judges.