Like podcasting, only more depressing

I was testing out the new MSN search engine tonight and found an old interview I did last summer that I completely forgot about. It was recorded in July of 2003 and after I spent 10 minutes or so rambling (and from the sound of it, drowsy on several hits of Nyquil) about MetaFilter and online communities, Greg (the host) asks me what I'm excited about online in the coming future.

I talk optimistically about the internet's impact on the election that is over a year away. How the internet will be a place where you can truly engage constituents, where it "won't just be people streaming commercials," and that the net will "make it feel like a democracy again."

In other words, I expected something great and basically was wrong on all counts, as my memories of this year's election were mostly people yelling past each other and streaming commericals towards each other. I really wish we could use the tools properly and get away from all the Terry McAuliffe/Karl Rove bullshit we seem to end up with.


Listen for yourself, my optimism is worth a laugh: election.mp3 (1Mb 65 seconds total)