LazyLawyer Request

Given that Traditional Non-Traditional Weddings are no longer legal in 11 states, I'm wondering why enterprising lawyers in every state aren't clamoring to produce what basically amounts to "near-marriage in a box." I know there are over a thousand rights you can't have as a committed couple that isn't legally married, but you can certainly turn over the power of attorney to someone special and hopefully get at most of those 1,049 rights with a series of contracts.

So that's what I'm wondering. Why isn't there a lawyer out there compiling all the necessary contracts together to make this as simple as possible for a committed couple? I'm sure there are thousands of couples that would gladly pay $500-1,000 for some package that would ensure their partner can make emergency room decisions, visit them in the ICU, and other less traumatic things.

It can't be an impossible thing to do, it doesn't require "activist judges" and would hopefully weather any legal challenge even if a constitutional ammendment bans the act. Seems like lawyers are missing out on millions of dollars by not streamlining this kind of service.

As Dick Cheney said, "People ought to be free to choose any arrangement they want."