Last night I slept over

Last night I slept over at my parents' house, in my old room, in my old bed. It was the first time I'd done that in over 4 years and it was spooky to say the least.

Everything I surround myself with is about what is now (the present) and what may be (the future). On my desk at home is a computer, the day's mail, and my keys. All around my last apartment you'd find contemporary gadgets. DVD player, newish TV, playstation, multiple cordless and cell phones, X10 lighting system, and a pile of remote controls. Not a thing in sight is over a year old, and I doubt I'll keep my current furniture for more than a couple years hence. New, new, new.

On the other hand, at my parents' house, I'm surrounded with memories of the past. Photographs from high school and early college adorn the wallsl In my closet I found some terrible artwork I did ten years ago, magazines from the 80's, and some shopping receipts from 1993.

It lead me to wonder...when does a person stop amassing contemporary things and start collecting things of the past?