Kerry... so very

Although I still have two and a half months to wait until I get to cast my vote, today I took the AOL Presidential Match quiz thingy to see where Kerry lies in line with my beliefs. So far, I haven't been impressed by him, but I know little about him. On the surface (from a scant few minutes of campaign stops I caught on CSPAN a couple weeks ago), I like Edwards more. He sounds like Bill Clinton and seems like a guy with common sense views I can't find fault with, and Kerry comes off as just another plain-vanilla politician to me.

Much to my surprise though, after clicking off my answers, Kerry ended up 100% inline with my beliefs. Among democrats, Edwards came in last, behind Sharpton, Kucinich, and Dean, at 85% with Bush being only 22% inline with my views after Edwards.

I'll probably still vote for Edwards vote for Kucinich (if the rumors of Edwards quitting are true) come primary time, regardless of who has the vote sewn up because I trust my gut reactions. I remember using this presidental thing in 2000 and seeing that McCain was farther from my beliefs than Bush, even though I love the guy. Heck, if McCain were running this year instead of Bush I'd probably vote for him and enjoy it, even though he's quite a bit more conservative on some views than I am.

Then again, before the primaries started, I thought Clark was a lock so what do I know.