Just when I thought I

Just when I thought I couldn't be any lazier, I discovered the snowcrash winamp plugin.

Let me set the stage: I have a laptop (on a wireless network) and desktop at home, with most of my files (music, website backups, file backups) on the desktop, which also has a nice set of speakers. I like to play music through the desktop system, but I'm usually across the room or down the hall enjoying the output. Occasionally, a crappy song comes on, or a song recorded at a higher level, and I have to stop what I'm doing, walk to my desktop, and adjust winamp.

Not anymore.

So today, I'm cranking music on the desktop, reading email in the next room on the laptop, and playing games on my playstation. I wanted to adjust the volume on the desktop machine, so I fired up a web browser on my laptop, pointed it at the local port running snowcrash, and changed the volume. While I played games, I could glance down at the laptop to see what song is playing, click a button to skip to the next track, and I could change the mix or add songs to the playlist.

Now that's lazy.