Just what I always wanted

Coreflix fills the niche I always wished Netflix and Green Cine could have. Skateboard, snowboard, and bike companies release videos pretty often, but even when I was a teen they were $20 each (they still run $20-30 these days for a 30-60 minute movie).  Back then, groups of friends would all share the videos we bought so we could eventually see them all, while only buying a few a year each. In college the local snowboard shop rented them for $3 a day, so I saw every movie that was released. As an adult, I maybe pick up a couple bike videos or DVDs a year because it's just too expensive to keep buying them all the time.

I always thought a large online merchant like Netflix would want to serve niche crowds like those that want to see skateboard flicks, but for one reason or another I've never found a mainstream movie rental outfit that stocked more than one or two action sports movies. Coreflix does this subject and this subject only, and as a result is pretty expensive. $18 a month to always have two out sounds steep to me, especially if I was still a Netflix subscriber on top of that, but then their stockpile isn't too deep and I suspect one could churn through their entire library of skate, bmx, and snowboard videos worth watching in maybe 2-3 months.

Regardless, it's cool to see niche markets spring up on the web.