Just got back from my

Just got back from my first Cirque Du Soleil show, entitled Dralion. It was predominately tumbling, strength, and contortion acts interspersed with little comedy bits. The show blended classic chinese circus performers with middle eastern, asian, and african imagery and music. Sorta like a travelling carnival show with incredible production values.

The acts that featured physical stunts were all amazing and seemed to follow a pattern. They'd start out with something physically impressive, like say tumbling across the floor and jumping on someone's shoulders. Then, it would progress to something both physically impressive and a bit dangerous, like landing on top of two or three people standing on each others' shoulders. The conclusion of the acts would always finish with at least one round of "oh my god, would they please stop this before someone gets killed" levels of physical strength and pure guts danger (like landing on top of the five and six-person stacks). It turned out to be the perfect blend of stressful nervousness and relief that leads to exhilarating entertainment.

The jury's still out on whether it was worth $70 per seat though.