After reading an interesting Business Week piece about Eos Airlines, I couldn't help but notice while I love the concept, and their seating arrangement looks amazing, the price is still out of reach for anyone but Fortune 500 business travelers.

Why doesn't someone go after the normal everyday traveler that is willing to pay a bit more for a bit more comfort? I know JetBlue operates on razor thin margins, stuffing as many people into a plane as possible for the lowest possible price, and then keeping the planes up in the air as much as possible.  I fly JetBlue when I can but the experience is just barely above a tolerable hell for several hours.

Given their prices are so low, I'd be willing to pay double their rates for half as many seats in the same plane offering twice as much room. Their prices are often 1/3 or more off other airlines, so in the end it wouldn't cost too much more than a United or American flight.