I've just heard that my

I've just heard that my mom might be coming home from the hospital today. Woo hoo!

I finished reading Miss Wyoming last night, and of all the Douglas Coupland books I've read (all of them), this one was the first to have a believable, well thought out ending. I love Coupland to bits, but his books are usually 299 pages of witty characters doing interesting things and a 1 or 2 page ending that feels tacked on, and usually involves extreme acts of nature or other unexpected randomness. Miss Wyoming ended beautifully though, and although the characters and dialogue weren't as interesting as his previous works, I enjoyed the book from start to finish.

I noticed something peculiar with this book and Coupland's last book. They're starting to feel more like movie scripts. Maybe it's my Los Angeles "gotta get my first screenplay sold before 30" mindset, but Coupland's books are starting to read like small budget indie films. If you rearrange the time series of Miss Wyoming's acts, it tells a pretty straightforward tale of getting and losing fame that feels as familiar as any episode of "E! True Hollywood Story."