I've always been a margin

I've always been a margin scribbler, but it was usually to point out spelling errors, errors in grammar, or style I found in the body text. The funny thing is, I still don't know what the point is in doing this. How would the author ever know? Why do I always do this, when back in college I typically struggled to get B's and C's in english and literature classes? I suppose I did it to remind myself of What Not To Do.

A year or two ago, I got an advanced copy of a book, noted many errors, and had a good exchange with the author over email about the errors I found. Earlier this month, a friend let me know about a technical editor gig he didn't have time for, and I convinced them to let me do it. The pay isn't great, but it'll be a fun few weeks of part-time work.

All this is just a long way of saying I just turned in my first chapter, and I enjoyed the process. Tech editing is actually pretty fun, and a lot easier than writing.