It’s possible

For reasons: for the needs of our future selves & of people we don't know - it's complicated.

But in every state in America I've visited - from Georgia, Florida, Missouri, to California - I've seen this happen.

We DO this, so I'm reminding myself today: it's proven we can institutionalize empathy by designing systems that arrest our senses & remind us of our own personal stakes ... and the vulnerability of everyone else we love.

Chris Wetherell wrote the most optimistic thing I've read in years, quoted in its entirety above.

Too often I've encountered a distinct lack of empathy in a system or in a person and thought it's impossible to reach or teach or change it for the better.

Then I read this and realized even within those systems or people, I've seen absolutely everyone across the board do the right thing at the right time and pull over.

So it is possible. We just have to figure out the ways we can replicate this and design it into other systems for the good of everyone.