It's not a trip/vacation until

It's not a trip/vacation until it's 2am, you're still frantically doing laundry, arranging your personal effects, and packing 5 hours before you depart for Austin and New York.

It'll be great to see old friends and new faces, familiar and exciting places. I've promised myself that I'll take things easy this year, try to relax more and just go with the flow. I've only got a couple time commitments during the week, and the rest is open.

I'm taking my camera, but limiting myself to only interesting things: airport minutia, people walking down the street, sunsets, and architecture that captures my eye. Perhaps it's due to my recent purchase of this book, but there's certainly something wonderful hidden in the frozen moments of everyday life.

Trips like these are all about collecting experiences and adventures to share with everyone when you get back. I promise not to disappoint in that regard, but until then, there probably won't be anything new here.