It's new to you

I keep stumbling onto my old archives in Google searches and each time I end up spending 30 minutes or more reading everything. Sometimes it feels like I'm reading someone else's journal. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking when I was writing what I did. But for every insightful, introspective journey through my head that I shared here, I find the flip side of living life in public. I found not one, but two consecutive old posts keeping readers updated on my food poisoning and state of my colon.

Sometimes I wonder why I don't write like that anymore, but more often I'm glad I grew out of it. That all said, I love what Meg and Jason are doing right now, it's very year 2000 webloggy goodness to be a spectator in their lives.

Also, for no apparent reason, three images from my April 2001 archives:

MeFi board game by Scott

Vinod the king of all VCs as a desktop wallpaper

Me goofing around with a magazine cover