It's kind of funny how

It's kind of funny how we humans interact with technology. Problems don't surface when you first begin incorporating technology into your life, because everything is new and novel. No, it happens at that half-way point, when you start getting used to technology and depending on it, but it hasn't completely replaced doing things by hand.

Today's the first day in my life that I've missed out on the time change, and the same thing happened to Kay. An hour late getting up, thinking 7 on the small clock meant 7am when it was actually 8. Losing an hour means being late to work, late to meetings, and late to class.

The thing is, half of everything in the house is automated. All the computers updated themselves (the macs did so without saying a peep, at least the windows boxes remind you of the event), the cordless phone updated itself, the cellphones knew the new time, and the trusty TiVo righted itself without having to be reminded. It's also a coincidence that these devices serve as our major time pieces, especially during the waking hours of a weekend.

The problem was the morning time pieces weren't connected to phone lines of any type, and weren't updated by any magical twice-yearly run program. I suppose we plumb forgot, since every other clock we looked at seemed to be fine the previous day. I went to bed knowing it was late because my laptop told me so. I woke up early and was surprised it was only 8:30 AM, when I figured it would have been later. When my phone rang and Kay reminded me it was 9:30 AM and I should get ready for my lunch meeting in the north bay, I knew technology had failed me.

Or not.