It's funny how the "monkey

It's funny how the "monkey see, monkey do" phenomena happens online. One guy sends his resume out to tens of thousands of people (I got one from the guy), and even though he gets taken over the coals for it, someone, somewhere sees it and thinks "oh, we can do that now?" A month following Shifman's spam, I received an unsolicited resume from someone asking me to hire them, directed at my address associated with my domains. It seems like it is still happening.

In the last year, there were a few cases of politicians using spam as their marketing tool for their campaigns. It's no surprise really, last November on election day I got no less than three phone calls with not just people urging me to vote their way, but recorded pitches from the mayor, senators, and representatives. I was getting phone-spammed by robots.

My sincere hope is that other budding politicians don't see this guy and think "great, now it's ok to do that too."

I don't care what party politicians taking part in this belong to, if they can't respect the privacy of every citizen's inbox, they're not getting my vote.