It's been…

It's been…
Photo by Colin Lloyd / Unsplash

Eight years after the crime was committed, six years since most evidence came to light in Michael Cohen's trial (where he plead guilty when the paper trail they tried to hide was exposed and Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison).

This verdict doesn't mean jail time for the big guy, but for a former leader of a world-leading democracy to be guilty of election interference antics that helped get him there—that's not nothing.

Let's say it clearly and loudly for those that don't get it:

The leading Republican candidate for president in 2024 was convicted of trying to subvert the democratic voting process in what is supposed to be the shining example of democracy on the planet.

Anyone who still follows him after all this has no ethics nor backbone, and doesn't think very highly of representative democracy in general.

Vote every one of his supporters out of government. At this point, they're only trying to subvert the ideals the country was founded upon.