It's always darkest before the

It's always darkest before the dawn. Remember that.

For the past week or two, Kay and I have been chasing down every available apartment ad in San Francisco, we've faxed our life away half a dozen times, sent countless emails, and left messages on probably 50 answering machines in the city. Our expectations were going down significantly with each passing day. What started out as "we want a big, airy 2 bedroom place for all our stuff" morphed into "well, it says it's 500 square feet, and we still have that storage container, maybe we should take it?" After going to showing after showing, we became tired of all the disappointment. Our search was expanding into South San Francisco, then Daly City, then the Peninsula, and we talked about possibly going north of the city. I couldn't understand why no one would return our calls, I mean here we are the near definition of stability - about to get married, me a computer professional in a healthy start-up, she about to become a professor for life - yet the call backs were non-existent.

And then, we finally got a call back. And it wasn't for that overpriced, sketchy neighborhood, ultra-cozy cottage up in Bernal Heights, no it was that epic place I described from the feeding frenzy a few days back. I'm happy to report we came out on top, in a group of 50 applicants, and are signing the paperwork tomorrow.

The last few days have been especially brutal, but I'm happy to say we got through it and found our dream place.