"Insanely Frustrate" is how I'd describe it

I woke up this morning looking forward to watching the apple keynote, but since 8:45AM to even now at 10:30AM, I haven't been able to connect to their streaming server once. I've only gotten "bad request" or a never-ending "configuring" then timeout error. It seems silly to waste so much bandwidth by only doing it online. Why isn't TechTV, who always seems to be dying for content, showing it live on their channel? Why isn't it on channel 700-something on DirecTV? I know they simulcast them in their apple stores, why I can't I see it at home on a satellite?

As a proof of concept, the event doesn't work too well online. Even in the past when I've seen a macworld keynote over quicktime, it's often been plagued with dropped video, and/or buffering delays. I end up waiting until it's over to download the recorded version with less of a crowd to share it with. It doesn't portray the squeaky-clean image Apple likes to project, so I'm curious as to why they confine themselves to it.