In Jason's praisings of the

In Jason's praisings of the google-weblog connection, he neglected to mention a downside. Tonight I was looking for the prime number shitting bear site, because I wanted to share with someone that would find it as funny as I did. However, when you search for the phrase, the first nine results are weblogs pointing to it, and the actual site is tenth on the list (as of midnight Monday morning).

Now, to an end user, they'll still find it if the webloggers in position 1-9 linked to the site, but it requires an extra step for them to reach it. It also makes me wonder that if Google indexes things by link, why isn't the real site number one? Were that many people pointing at someone else's post about the site? Is Google following "(via some weblog)" links and indexing those as more pertinent than the original source?