In doing something like this,

In doing something like this, and asking others to do the same, my dream is to actually win the People's Voice Award so I can go on stage and say:

"The Webbys represent all that is wrong with the web. The Webbys are the crown jewel of the pyramid, built from layers upon layers of hype, of eager attempts to appear important and worth consideration. Businesses that built themselves in the pre-IPO gold rush, taking quick-buck advantage of the information revolution, are the ones being rewarded, thanks to the cluelessness of the nominating mix of Internet journalists, financiers, corporate pioneers, and big-name, know-nothing celebrities -- hardly representative of what the esteemed moniker "International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences" suggests.

The Webbys continue to get our attention because there is no one to take their place. Since the competition for "Oscars of the web" is nil, the Webbys are the only game in town. If they neglect to highlight or mention cutting-edge uses of the web that extend the medium, it's too bad; as a result, the nominees in many categories are wrongly viewed as important and revolutionary.

The Webbys and the accompanying awards show are in place to signify nothing, and do it as loudly as possible. But thanks to both their misguided direction and the lack of meaningful, peer-reviewed awards, everyone falls into the trap of caring about them, whether they want to or not. The awards have become a source of strife -- even destroying friendships -- in a community of artists, designers, and programmers with more integrity in their pinky fingers than there is in the entire Webbys organization.

I'm here to say that I refuse to continue wasting another second of time on this madness."

After the screed, I'd take the award in my hands, hold it high above my head, and throw it with all my might at the ground below me, breaking it (I hope) into a million pieces.