In case you didn't already

In case you didn't already know this, let me reiterate a golden rule of computing (call it Haughey's Law, if you will):

There's nothing more dangerous than a parent knowing how to use a scanner

I give you exhibits A and B, shots of me at age 15 ripping it up on my bike.

I used to ride 2-4 hours everyday from the age of about ten up until some point in college, when I was around twenty one or so. When I moved out to LA three years ago, I left my bmx bike behind, and whenever I turn on ESPN to see people riding ramps, street, or ground (some of them I knew and rode with many years ago) I start missing it all over again. I'm eyeballing a new Hoffman Bikes model that I might buy. If I do get it, I hope I can find time to ride again.