Impressive folk

There are inspiring people and then there are really inspiring people. A couple have done the following:

- Started the California Coastline project to photograph in fine detail every inch of the California coastline, from Mexico to Oregon, for use by civic and conservation groups.

"Part of the reason for this is to make it available to the public so your average person can see what is being done to the coast and can appreciate it," [Ken] Adelman said. "People won't conserve what they don't love."

- Owns the state's largest residential solar array, and after winning a multi-year battle with PG&E, the system can now interconnect with the grid.

- Owns three electric cars including a t-zero prototype, an electric car that rivals a sports car in terms of performance.

- They puts their jet and piloting skills at the disposal of medical rescue missions.

Granted, he's a dot-com millionaire and can afford to do lots of things mere mortals can't, it looks like they're using their power for good instead of evil (all on solar-powered webservers, no less).