I'm going through that moment

I'm going through that moment where my favorite little band in the world is transitioning into everybody else on the planet's favorite little band. The new, still un-released Tenacious D album is Amazon's 91st biggest selling thing in their entire catalog. From pre-orders alone, the thing is in the top 100. I can't remember buying anything in the top 100 before.

Some would say this is when they sell out, that I should burn all their old stuff, and move on to find a replacement band. But I'm sticking by them. Sure, little mallrat skate kids will be wearing their t-shirts and I might someday hear "fuck her gently" in muzac form in an elevator, but I'll probably be able to catch their show in a real venue sometime soon, and I'll finally have a high quality recording of their stuff. No more dingy craphole LA nightclubs or megabyte after megabyte of bootleg mp3 recordings.

There's always a positive side of things, though I do wish they didn't go with a major record label and instead self-issued their own stuff (they certainly have the fanbase to support such an endeavor).