When I saw a company come out with custom painted iPods and an iPod painting service I thought they looked pretty cool, though were costly and kinda worthless if you eventually chipped it all off. Then I saw a friend pointing out iSkin's new exo2 skin and it was like a new color plus protection.

Looking at all the photos on their site, it appeared to be a hard plastic case that also looked thick enough to keep my fingers from always accidentally hitting the touch sensitive buttons. The belt clip looked like a bonus since lately I've tried taking my iPod to the gym and never know how to keep it near me safely. I figured at the rate I was getting more scratches and the number of times I accidentally rewind or jump to the next song, it was worth it. It looked like real protection so I plunked down the thirty bucks and waited.

After a couple weeks, it showed up today and here's what it looks like with the charcoal iSkin installed.

I know it's not cool to use the term, but I felt exactly like a kid that ordered something from the back of Boys Life and 4 to 8 weeks later I got some rubber piece of crap that is nothing like the ad: totally gypped. I know it doesn't say anywhere on the site that it's made of hard plastic (it actually does say it is silicone), but I can't help but feel misled by all the photos showing a blazing blue, substantial case around an iPod.

Oh well. Buyer beware.