If you read Into Thin

If you read Into Thin Air, you will probably be interested in the Everest 2001 news site. I used to hike a great deal (that link is to a slow summer though, during 1995-1997 I was on a summit at least twice a month, year round) and I started rock climbing too, with visions on climbing big mountains someday.

I was a wreck every time I went above 14,000' but I thought conditioning could take me to 16, 18, and even 20,000' levels someday. Back then, I honestly thought I could scale everest if I made that a priority in my life and worked long enough on getting to that point.

Then I saw Jon Krakauer give a slide talk, shortly after Into Thin Air came out (before the movie and 2nd, 3rd, or umpteeth printings). In two hours he retold all his previous exploits and for an hour he walked us through that May in 1996.