If the 70's were "the

If the 70's were "the me decade" and the 80s were "the decade of greed" the 90s and 00s should both be called "the retro-throwback, rehash everything while not coming up with anything new decade."

I caught myself tonight listening to Nico, which is new to me, and I figured (probably like others that discovered Nick Drake in the past couple years) that it must also be new to the world, as in new music. CDnow shows the artist behind Nico dead for 14 years. Nick Drake has been dead for almost 30 years.

What's wrong with music today when I hear the Strokes for the first time and think "what is this? some Ramones cover band from 1978?" and I can hear someone's 30 year old music and think it was recorded a few months ago. I guess I can't wait until something truly new comes out.