Ideas thought of while goofing

Ideas thought of while goofing around at lunch (part of a long series):

We noticed an empty office space got converted into a restaurant, and with the current climate in SOMA, why not run with the idea?

Mindshare, the internet startup-themed restaurant. Menus would appear as flash-based powerpoint-esque presentations on Ergos. Menu items: Appetizers = Angel Investments, Burgers = Integrated eBurger Solutions, Dessert Cart = Collaborative Deliverables. Restaurant furniture consists of IKEA tables and Aeron chairs. Waiters and Waitresses would be referred to as P-to-P infrastructure supply chains. They would all be clothed in business-casual, new media blue shirts and khakis. All meals could be paid for by one-clicking the bill. There would be no tipping, to entice new customers, ensure that shipping food to their table was free, and all menu items would be sold at a loss. After gaining a sufficient number of eyeballs and becoming market leader, the restaurant would then figure out a sustainable business plan.