Idea of the day:

Idea of the day: Why isn't there a photo service online that does something like what Cafepress does for shirts and trinkets? Imagine being able to look at someone's gallery of photos, say travel photos from Italy or Siberia, and clicking on a link to buy a 8x10 reprint for $10 or so, knowing full well that the person that took the photo and offerred the service will get a $4 kickback from it?

I know some service like ofoto or snapfish let other people order photos from galleries (like site visitors, family, etc), but they seemed to charge users actual printing prices. What I envision is a site more like Cafepress that gives you a photo "storefront", so that photographers have incentives to create high quality photos espeically for resale as prints, and maybe make a few bucks along the way.

update: via email, this discussion and this site offer possibilities.