I usually go out of

I usually go out of my way to support artists I like, and in that definition of "artists" I include chefs. We've got a copy of Ming Tsai's book, I tried to buy a copy of Alton Brown's book (store was out), and when I saw "Chef Morimoto Meals" at Trader Joes the other day, I grabbed one off the shelf. While I can't find any info on them online, Mishima is the company behind these vacuum packed, ready to heat/eat products that grace the Iron Chef's name. I got the asian spicy sauce meal and ate it over steamed rice.

It's got the Iron Chef's picture on it, so I was expecting to taste a wonderfully light and airy flavor, a delightful fusion of east and west, a healthy dish that makes one feel like they could eat it all day... <hand over mouth>tee hee, tee hee...

But it just tasted like below-average Ma Pao Tofu takeout with some ketchup added. Oh well.