I updated my copy of

I updated my copy of winamp tonight, and I noticed an ad for their new visualization plug-ins. I rarely run them, as they're usually just eyecandy that wastes cycles, but sometimes they're cool to look at. So I checked out the most popular list, and at the top of the heap of techno graphing applets and wave generators are rendered dancing women. And they're not just popular, they're runaway hits. Over two million downloads in just a couple months.

I installed one of them, and it's basically an unrealisticly (if not impossibly) proportioned "juggy" dancer bouncing all over your screen, not even in beat to the music (like I suppose that mattered).

I'd like to think that women today have a better chance of making a mark on this world than they ever have, and that the only reason these are so popular is that winamp's primary audience are adolescent boys.

I certainly hope that's the case.