I should go back to tin cans on a string

Greg is kind enough to let me shack up on his server and today he sent a bit of info he noticed when checking the logs:

[root@eod log]# grep 'Jun  7' maillog | grep metafilter.com |  grep 'User unknown' | wc -l 12976

That's the total number of messages (in one day) going to anything@my domains that I previously told him to ignore and send to /dev/null.

That's 18,654 spams going to non-existent email addresses. Greg says about 700 come in each day to my real matt@ accounts, and of those 700 only about 40 are legit. Gmail does a fairly good job screening the remaining, but it's far from perfect. I probably wade through 100 spams a day to see my real mail.

It's nice having the same email address for the past 9 years, but jeez, filtering 19k emails a day down to 40 is pretty messed up.