I received an email written

I received an email written in Italian, sent to info@metafilter for some unknown reason. Here's the babelfish translation, it's kind of nice:

Deanna beloved, already yesterday evening I had sended a message to you, but it is returned to me behind. Many embrace, Deanna, and thanks for this beautifulst news. I hope well that you are and and that it is resuming to you completely. As far as the anxieties, creed just that they are normal, I ne had to iosa!! About me I will speak to you in an other moment, why I do not have still meaningful news approximately my situation, that I can dirti be truly difficult. The moral is to earth. Tant' is. Fammi to still know of you and your child. A river basin to Mark and a salute to Pedro, neobabbo, that I imagine will be veremente happy. Still I embrace. Rosalba

I've got to remember to use "a river basin to you" as term of endearment more often.