I just saw Mulholland Drive.

I just saw Mulholland Drive. Or I didn't, I'm not sure.

If I see a thousand more movies and think of the past thousand I've seen, this is the only one I can accurately say left me disheveled. It probably didn't help that after leaving the movie, I was in a sort of bizarro world for about a half hour.

First, while waiting for Kottke to return from the restroom after the film, I looked up and saw an old man walking out and towards me, but just as he got to me, it was Jason. As we walked through downtown San Francisco, we heard classical music blaring from the streets. When we got to the Muni trains, the outbound was only leaving from the opposite, inbound side, and it was full of an odd assortment of characters. After the train, I stopped at the pet store to get cat food, and while I was in line to pay for it, the store felt as if it began moving like a muni train. I had to grab onto a doggie toy display to keep my balance. Then I almost got lost walking home the same way I've walked hundreds of times before.

So, uh, I guess it was a good movie, though I don't have the faintest idea what it was about.