I have the strange feeling

I have the strange feeling that war will start sometime this weekend. I'll wake up in the morning, and bombs and missles will have dropped. Which makes me think "can you properly conduct a secretive war in this day and age?"

The internet is all around us. Email and web sites and wire services and digital cameras and television crews trying to get the edge on each other. I thought the 1991 Gulf War was short on information, as any classic war should be. Your oppenents shouldn't know what your next move is. But if this one will be relying on old tactics like secret missions and nightly missle raids, I don't think much will be happening in secret. Unless there's a misinformation campaign bigger than anything we've seen, we'll be furnished with nightly recaps of anything and everything that occured in the region, and what's most likely to come next.

I'm hoping that we don't have to fight the classic violent wars we've fought so many times before. My hope is that the world sees that it's all of us against a small network of terrorists, and that they can be dealt with diplomatically (and physically) in a sane manner.