I got this email a

I got this email a few minutes ago and it's worth passing on...

Hello, I feel this is important and I think it needs to be followed up on.  I called Mattel company to complain about their practices, specifically the mattl vs. mattel dispute ((310) 252-2000) and they immediately transfered me to some person in customer service (after I refused their initial request to talk to their legal department) who informed me that to the best of their knowledge, they've received a grand total of ONE complaint over this issue.

Now, perhaps they were just playing games with me, but I actually believed her.  If this is the case, then the above number needs to be published, and people need to be urged to call it to complain - make sure they ask for customer service, and not the legal department.

Steve Calabrese

So if you're contacting Mattel to register your disgust at their business practices, be sure to contact customer service. I found this email form, and thought a lot of people used it, strange that Mattel is saying that they haven't heard of this problem.