I got a laptop at

I got a laptop at work, and it has a trackpad. Although they work better for photoshop, I prefer eraserhead pointers on my notebooks. The reason? My hands accidentally hover over the touchpad and occasionally make phantom clicks. I've been looking all night for a touchpad hack, to kill the taps = clicks thing, but now that deja's newsgroup archive is gone, I can't find anything.

I was thinking the other day, deja missed their calling on the archive. They could have easily turned it into a money-making treasure trove of ideas. A napster of ideas, if you will, with reimbursements for authors. If there were a paypal or amazon paybox link on deja pages, I'd use them. Often. There have been times where a single newsgroup message saved me hundreds of dollars, days of time, and kept me from pulling my hair out. Most of my deja digging was for the purpose of tech support, and since it came free after some searching labor, I would have gladly kicked the author and deja five bucks for the most useful tips. Deja could have kept most of the money, and paypaled via email the author of the original usenet post. Nowhere near a perfect system, but it's something.

Anyway, I guess I'm getting to the point of giving up. I have a Dell Inspiron 5000 with trackpad I'd like to disable tapping from producing mouse clicks in Windows 2000, and I'm willing to pay for that tip. Tell you what, I'll paypal five bucks to the first person that can give me the correct answer. I don't want to disable the mouse entirely (which can be done in the bios), I merely want to adjust its behavior. The OS control panel doesn't let me do it, but I bet someone wrote a utility to allow for it. Let me know, and you'll be five dollars richer.

update: Graham Walker came up with this utility, which I couldn't track down yesterday. I loaded it and there was an option to kill taps as mouseclicks. See? There's a market in information bounty hunting, someone just has to tap it.