I can't wait to buy nanotech at the store on sale. with a coupon.

Visions of the future are usually big on playing up the dystopian angle, with genetically modified foods destroying people, cyborgs killing uncontrollably, and rampant super diseases taking out who is left, but no one ever talks about the simple pleasures that the future may bring.

Take nanotechnology. Sure, it could be a way for evildoers to spread viruses, destroy nervous systems, and kill via warriors too small to see, but there's always a bright side. You'd never need a dentist again. Pop a mouthful of Uncle Marty's Flossin' Bots brand nanobots and let them clean under your gumline while you sleep. You'd never have another cavity, never have to worry about root canals, or even have to brush your teeth, as the bots would clean up the mess and let you wake up feeling and smelling fresh.

We should look to the Jetsons as our blueprint for the future more often.