I can dream, can't I?

I watched Allie Pelosi's presidential race documentary on HBO the other night and remembered fondly back when Dean was king and Edwards was running. Then I remembered back when Edwards blogged at Lessig's site for a week, taking feedback and comments from all.

And as I was watching the news tonight and hearing about a tie or slight lead for Kerry I started thinking about Kerry's possible cabinet if he wins.

Then the idea hit me: Attorney General Lawrence Lessig.

Think about it. Would he want to expand FBI, CIA and Homeland Security monitoring of your life? Would he wage first a war on porn, then a war on civil liberties, a war on (some) drugs, and a war on intellectual property? Heck no.

And picture this: no more press conferences. AG Lessig would give weekly PowerPoint presentations that would blow everyone away.

Ok, so maybe he's not ready to be an AG, with so little public litigation experience, but maybe an even better idea would be this: FCC Chairman Lawrence Lessig.

Imagine a FCC that doesn't spend its time regulating what you can and can't say on the airwaves. A FCC that actually cares about having open, unfettered spectrum for the people, since they actually own it, instead of auctioning off every last megahertz to the highest bidder. Imagine a FCC where TiVo doesn't have to ask first before they create a new feature.

Seriously, this isn't just a suckup to Lessig, I think this country needs a shakeup and if we get that shakeup I hope the folks behind the Kerry Edwards campaign think about putting someone with the interests of average americans in charge of the laws that affect them.