How to take a decent photo of your own shoes with an iPhone & WATCH

I have a lot of sneakers, probably upwards of 30 or 40 pairs, and I also have tons of brightly colored cycling socks, so I like to take photos of my shoe/sock combos that I put on Instagram.

People often ask me how I get the photos, because it looks like someone else was lying on the ground to take them, but I have shot them all by myself, so here's how (follow these steps in order because the Camera app on the watch is a little buggy).

  1. Unlock your phone, but keep it in your hand
  2. Launch the Camera app on your watch, wait about 5 seconds for it to connect and hopefully you'll see video on your watch of what your phone is seeing
  3. With your phone, swipe the camera choices to Portrait mode
  4. Put a water bottle on the ground, stand your phone up against it as vertically as possible (be sure to not block the camera lens)
  5. Walk about 6-8ft away and frame your feet in the shot (it make take some shuffling forward/back to get right)
  6. Tap the watch screen to focus your camera on the shoes
  7. Hit the shutter button on your watch!