How to port your AT&T iPhone number to a new Verizon iPhone quickly

I'm going to write up all the steps to move off a AT&T phone onto a new Verizon phone because I had to assemble all this info from disparate sources and figure others might save time if they knew about all the steps to do it yourself.

Before you call you will need a lot of info that might take some digging. It requires:

  1. Your AT&T account number (mine was 12 digits, all numbers)
  2. Your AT&T account secret PIN (mine was all numbers, 6 digits)
  3. The last 4 digits of either your Social Security number for a personal account or the business EIN for a business account
  4. Your new (temporary) Verizon phone number
  5. Your old AT&T number you'd like to port over.

Once you have all that written down, follow these steps.

  • Take out your new iPhone, sync it to your iTunes, probably restore from your other phone's backup
  • call Verizon's number porting system at 866-465-5415 (probably on a home phone, with speaker phone so you can enter lots of digits)
  • Enter the old AT&T phone number, get an error, press 2 to proceed, then press 3 to replace a number with an old one, enter current temp Verizon number, then they will ask for your last four digits of your Social Security Number or EIN business number.
  • Go through the menus, eventually you will need to give the old AT&T phone number again and then your AT&T account number and your PIN on your account.
  • You will get a "port request began" success message at the end.
  • Hang up and go to to check the status. It should say that porting is in progress. They say this will take 3-24hrs, but I would suggest waiting about 10-15 minutes before going to the next step.
  • Start your new iPhone, dial *228 and follow the prompts to activate your new phone and it should say your new phone is activated.
  • Let your phone sit after hanging up. You will be kicked off the Verizon network and then join back on about a minute later, with your AT&T number.
  • If your phone still has the temp Verizon number, wait another 5-10min and then call *228 and activate your phone again, when it comes back onto the Verizon network, chances are your old number will be attached to it.
  • Wipe/restore your old AT&T phone and sell it to someone else

The number porting process says you will get a text message at some point when it is all complete, but that never happened for me, and if you have all this information handy and you follow these steps, you can get your number ported in about ten minutes without any need for human intervention. Good Luck!